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I feel like you understand me on a very deep level.

Super glad to see something other than more lame, fap fodder from you. Was just talking the other day about how I wished you did less service to 10 year olds looking to jerk off and drew more stuff like skeletons doing sick motorcycle jumps over corpses and shit like you used to. This stuff's so much cooler than that!

Wish I had your eye for detail and the grotesque. Definitely one of my more favorite pieces from you recently.

TheShadling responds:

I have no regrets.

Drawing is alright, but completely would not work as a t-shirt design. I don't know if you're planning on having these made, or use them for a contest or something, but you'll have to reduce the amount of colors you're using. I count 15+ colors. Assuming you find a place that will print a shirt with that many colors, it would be pretty costly for a shirt. If you want to get into t-shirt design, practice limiting your palette to 3-4 colors maximum, including the color of the shirt.

Gatho responds:

Thank you man this is only the model, the background isn't going to be there but the amount of colors will be only 4 but thanks by the way.

Ha ha Awesome,

The rosy cheeks are great. There's something super endearing about this, it's great.

Hey man

She may not be a looker but at least she's perky.

RockBullet responds:

very sexy I think ...

Nice textures

Really digging all the textures and detail. What do you use to paint with, and what's it painted on?

Again, great use of color and detail. Good job.


Way more detailed than your usual fair. Good to see you step away from your more stylized work and do something much more involved lighting/shading-wise. Turned out really sick. Always awesome to see a great artist continue to get better, way to be an inspiration.

*high brofist*

jouste responds:

awesome! thanks for the brofist pal!

yeah this one took a lot longer than my usual stuff. good ot hear it paid off ;D

*super brofist back*

Truly a masterpiece

Impeccable composition and heart-wrenching subject matter. The sparkles really exemplify the dreamlike landscape you've excellently rendered, and the bold text exquisitely placed upon the canvas truly tell a story that aches at my soul.

10/10 - nothing but perfection

peppypippy32 responds:

follow the arrow up above to the comment above yours i mean, the reply to it i did

Really cool design

Wish the characters were larger though. They don't stand out as much as they should, making the whole thing seem kind of bland. I think the design is really cool, the characters just need to stand out more.


Turned out really good, glad to make it a little more of a challenge :P

Maybe I can draw you in the future >_>



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