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Some new art up

2012-07-24 00:53:40 by Captain

I've been spending most of my time working this summer, and unfortunately haven't had much time for internet and drawing. Submitted some new art to the portal though, but nothing new for those that actually go to the art forum and look at my thread.

I've been going in a slightly different direction style-wise. I've been working on making my drawings simpler, and with more deliberate use of hatching for my rendering. It's still a work in progress, but I'm enjoying how much faster I can draw this way.

I'm planning on expanding on this more once I'm back up at school and have more time + access to better equipment. I'd like to try and do these as drawings on nice, polished wood. I sort of messed with this idea earlier last semester, but didn't get a chance to pursue it. Here's a pic below of the practice ones I made on just cheap pine. The nicer ones will probably be done on ash.

Some new art up


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2012-07-24 09:59:27

I see you've been working with your WOOD.


2012-10-07 13:06:15

Happy Belated Birthday, BEN!!!!!! <3


2013-04-18 20:44:44

Awesome-ly derpy :D


2013-06-27 10:52:42

holy shit i love ur art